Meet our Horses

blue header
I was bluer when I was born of course, but grey horses are always getting lighter as they age. Personally, I feel young and handsome as I did in my younger Oklahoma days as a roping horse. I’m a good, honest steady choice for just about any rider. I’m true Blue.

Motto: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.


fritz header
Howdy. Name’s Fritz, I think that’s short for Fritz. Or maybe it’s King Schnoodle Fritzasaurus or some 1,400 pound name to go with a hunk o’ horse like me.

I’ll mosey around the arena with anyone, I reckon, but I got no problem high-tailin’ it up a trail either. I love me some of that clean mountain air and the sound of the breeze through the pines.  Yes indeed, a gelding can BREATHE out there. I love kittens and puppies and trail rides with kids or burly men or dainty ladies (or is it dainty men and burly ladies?) Don’t matter to me none – I’ll take ya where ya need to git to, without a fussin’.

Motto: Where ever you go, by golly, THERE you are.

king header
I know what you’re thinking, “Another red Quarter Horse named King.” It’s cool, I get that a lot, this ain’t my first rodeo – I’m over 20 years old! Here’s what I know: I can rope and bulldog with the boys, or take the littlest girls around the arena. I can make a young boy from Afghanistan who lost a leg and a family member to an IED, feel like an Idaho cowboy. I can pack the littlest to the biggest because I’m strong and steady. Sometimes, my crown is made of daisies, fashioned by a child. I’ll make you ten feet tall so YOU might feel like a king.

Motto: My King-dom for a horse!

max header
Hi, I’m Max. I used to be named something else but kids changed my name to Maximus because they thought I looked like that horse from the movie, Tangled. THAT horse is NOTHING like me! I wouldn’t know what to do with a sword!

A long time ago I was the only thing a young girl felt she had to live for. When it was time for her to go off to college, she wanted me to call the Mica Foundation home so I could help others like her.  That’s what I do.

Anyway, I’m a real steady. Kids dig me. Honestly, there isn’t a thing I can think of that I wouldn’t do for most people. I’m a pleaser. I do a great unicorn impression. Oh, let’s see, what else? Best part of the day: Breakfast. Well there’s dinner too. I love dinner.

Motto: Carpe Cookies

pistol pete header
I have fabulous hair. I’m classified as a pony to some but man, I tell ya, I am ALL horse and quite a bit of sweet hair. I can pack just about anybody around and look good doin’ it, man. You got wheels and passengers? I don’t mind pulling it with a harness, it shows off my crazy-good hair. Ka-pow!

Motto: Every day is a good hair day.

sam header
Sure I can Foxtrot…and I look good doing it! I’ve got a heart to serve and folks around the barn say I’m great for just about any rider. I’ve got a flashy moving gait and hair almost as nice as Pistol Pete’s.  I should probably be in more parades. Hello, Rose Bowl?!

Motto: I’ve never actually seen a fox trot.  Have you?

spot header
What? I just like oats. Well, I’m also a (rather large) symbol of Idaho’s Native People, the Nez Perce. That’s a title I don’t take lightly. I’m proud of that.

Motto: It does not require many words to speak the truth.  – Chief Joseph

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