How You Can Help

I want to get involved.  What can I do?

There are several ways you can help support The Mica Foundation’s work with people and ponies alike.  You can give of your time.

Please join us in changing lives… one equine experience at a time.








Here are some specific ways you can help:

Sponsor a Foundation Horse

Check out our “Meet the Horses” tab to choose the one that most tugs at your heart, although we are pretty sure they all will   :)

Horse Sponsorship Packages:

1 Month – $200 – This will provide one Foundation horse with hay, supplements, and care for one month.

3 months – $600 - This will provide one  Foundation horse with the same care as that of 1 month plus hoof care for three months.

6 months – $1200 -This will provide one  Foundation horse with the same care as that of 3 month plus dental, vaccinations, and deworming.

1 Year – $3500 - This will provide one Foundation horse with the same care as that of 6 months plus annual regular veterinary  and farrier care for 1 year.


Sponsor the Ranch

Although for participants and visitors the ranch is free of charge, running and maintaining such a facility is not.  All cash donations are greatly appreciated and wisely stewarded.  Areas for sponsorship include:

Annual Costs:   Every dollar matters … and every dollar is  deeply valued! 

  • $20 buys one bale of hay
  • $75 sponsors one group session with organizations such as the Idaho Youth Ranch
  • $355 buys a 25lb tub of needed supplement for our patriarch, King
  • $375 provides 1 year’s worth of alfalfa pellets for our older boys
  • $1500 will provide annual insurance coverage for the Foundation
  • $2000 enables our spring clean up for such things as paddock rock, roadway fill-ins  and arena sand /grading
  • $6500 will cover our hay costs for the Foundation horses
The game-changer for 2014 and beyond:
  • We have the horses, the place and the heart for helping kids in North Idaho. We also have identified great opportunities for collaborative partnerships within our community. We are looking to raise $50,000 annually to  fund a full-time, certified lead clinician who will, among other things, lead our Equine Assisted Therapy program, expand our animal-assisted therapy program, complete all necessary documentation of sessions, network within the community and deliver outstanding methods of restorative and rehabilitative services.
What Is On Our Dream List:
  • A viewing stand near the outdoor arena for families to observe  during sessions *** This was funded this year, thanks to 2 generous donor families!
  • A covered gazebo for kids, families and groups to safely gather for such things as hand-grazing the horses, de-briefing over lunch, providing shade to waiting parents, grandparents and counselors and processing sessions

Volunteer Your Time:

Do you like to workout?? DO we have a role for you!: We remove nearly 1000 lbs of manure … daily!  It’s great exercise and you may even get some horsey kisses of thanks!  All daily chores completed by our amazing volunteer team enables us to divert resources to help the kids.

Do you like to paint and stain?? DO we have a role for you!: Our horses keep warm, shaded and dry in the comfort of their pasture loafing sheds which need to be water-proofed every summer. If you like this type of work, our stain-brushes are waiting!


Prayer is something  everyone can give and it is unquestionably one of the most powerful things that we can do for each other.  The stable team, volunteers, facilities, children, and horses are in constant need of protection, wisdom, and direction.  Those who choose to lift us up in prayer are an incredible gift, to us and the individuals and horses we serve.

Your generosity truly makes a difference.  Your support will continue to provide transformative experiences for those who come to the ranch.

The Mica Foundation is a not-for-profit 501C(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.                             (tax ID#: 45-2818151)                          

To Donate:

Via Check or Money Order

Checks may be mailed directly to:

the Mica Foundation
310 N Gibson Road
Henderson, Nevada 89014.

Via The Stables at Mica Meadows

Checks may be mailed and/or dropped off directly to the Stables at:

the Mica Foundation

c/0 The Stables at Mica Meadows

6305 W Quaking Aspen Drive

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814

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