General Program Information

How did the Mica Foundation get started?
The founders of the Mica Foundation felt the calling on their hearts for over a year to start a foundation that would nurture individuals through the healing spirit of horses.  They were led to purchase a run-down stables and the rest, as they say, is history…. Since its inception in August of 2011, the Mica Foundation is providing a safe, positive and love-filled environment for youth and families alike.

How can I get my child and/or family involved? 
Contact our Leader in Equine Experiences, Helena Rouhe,  to schedule an appointment: 208-818-9416.  We are blessed with an indoor arena so we can operate year-round.

Can I send my child to the ranch?
Part of the Mica Foundation’s focus is to bring families together.  Because of this principle we ask that parents and or guardians accompany their child or family.  We have found that experiencing ranch life together as a family unit unlocks great potential and unrealized strengths in all!  Allowing fathers, mothers and guardians a chance to rest in the shade and enjoy the beauty God has provided is also a part of what we do.

Who does the Mica Foundation serve?
The Mica Foundation serves children of all ages, beginning at 7 years old.  Roughly 80% of our youth are considered at-risk or under-served in some fashion.  To the Mica Foundation, the term “at-risk” takes on many shapes and forms: mental, physical, emotional, and functional.  The remaining 20% of people we work with are simply individuals who don’t have access to horses through any other means.

What do you charge for an individual to participate in The Mica Foundation’s program?
Our program is based upon a pay-as-you-can system.  We will assess each client’s needs and an appropriate rate will be determined. .

Can we visit the ranch?
We would love to have you out to the Stables even if it is just for a visit!  A full service boarding facility also operates on site.  Please feel free to call our office at 208-667-1311 to schedule a tour.

Also, we welcome all to join us for our Cowboy Faith Gatherings held monthly, June ~ September.  Please contact us for dates and times.

Does the ranch ever close?
The Stables at Mica Meadows maintains normal business hours through the year.  7am-7pm daily.

Does the Mica Foundation operate a residential facility? 
At this time, the Mica Foundation’s sessions include day programs only. This means those who use the ranch visit it during the day but are not housed on-site.

Can visiting families or groups be hosted overnight as part of the Mica Foundation’s program?
We are unable to host overnight guests due to the limited size of our facility.  However, there are many wonderful accommodations within 10 minutes of the ranch.

Is the Mica Foundation a religious organization?
No.  The ranch is not associated with any particular religious congregation.  However, the Mica Foundation is a Christ-centered organization.  The ranch is founded on the same Judeo-Christian values that our nation was built upon, and we fully believe we are being led to help heal and love on others through the heart of a horse and the experiences that ranch life provides.  Faith on the ranch is “lived” not “preached.” Because the Founders and Board of Directors believe in God and the power of His saving grace, it is our greatest desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action.

Assistance, Donations and Volunteering:  Please check out our “How You Can Help” page for more information.

Does the Mica Foundation have a plan for financial stability?
The Board of Directors and Founders are deeply grateful to a select number of sponsors who have enabled the Foundation to successfully launch.  The Foundation is able to secure support through The Stables at Mica Meadows, various  partnerships and grants, and the generosity of individual donors.

If I make a donation, where does it go?
Unless otherwise designated by the giver, all monetary donations go to support sessions for the clients and care for the horses.  If donors choose to sponsor a foundation horse, those funds go directly to the care of that horse.  Foundation funds are used to pay for program expenses, horse care,  and staff salary needed to ensure a successful, scalable and sustainable future.

Are donations Tax-deductible?
The Mica Foundation is a non profit 501 (c)(3) organization, therefore we can supply tax receipts for all donations that include but are not limited to: monetary donations, horse tack, ranch equipment, feed, building supplies, etc.

Can I donate my tack and/or horse equipment?
Yes. We are especially in need of bareback riding pads and snaffle bits as well as youth saddles.  We are asking those who would like to donate tack to call our office at 208-667-1311 for a “needs and use” assessment.

Can I donate my horse to the ranch?
Horses kept by the ranch that are donated or purchased for the progam must demonstrate an aptitude for acceptance of children and a willingness to work.  Ranch horses can be used in our lesson program up to three times a day and must be physically and mentally capable to do so.  Because of this, we need to be selective in the horses that join our family.  The ranch is currently not prepared to accept horses with limitations due to behavior problems or various soundness issues.


How many horses does the ranch have?
The Stables can comfortably and safely house approximately 30 horses, with another 16 horses on pasture. The Mica Foundation currently has 10 horses in our program.

Can you tell me about employment opportunities at the Mica Foundation and/or the Stables at Mica Meadows?
Mica Foundation is proudly supported by the Stables at Mica Meadows. The Stables is currently a small but mighty team: we employ one full-time Stables manager, treasured volunteers and a few part time ranch hands.  Additionally, the Mica Foundation currently employs a Head of Equine Experiences to lead all lessons and sessions with our children and families.  We welcome those who are interested in volunteering to contact us for further information.

Volunteer responsibility includes, but is not limited to: grooming foundation horses; planning and participating in ranch events; developing program content; property maintenance; assisting with office communication and administrative tasks and… because we are a horse-centered program, there is always a need for volunteers to help keep our stalls, barn and paddocks clean!

Download our volunteer assessment form here.

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