About Us

There’s rarely a more restorative power than the love of a horse…

The Mica Foundation was launched in 2011 by co-founders Donna Findlay and Diane Koznick. The two women shared common passions: a deep affection for both horses and children, a strong Christ-centered faith, a desire to encourage and inspire individuals to be the best they could be, and a calling to “love on horses and humans alike”.

Four tried and true ranch geldings and 1 pony named Jingle Bells were purchased from a ranch where they had spent the last 6 years carrying kids and adults up and down Blackrock Mountain. A promising facility in a perfect location happened to be for sale. And…The Mica Foundation became a reality.

Simultaneously, another remarkable transformation was also set into motion: children began to come to the ranch. Some needed healing from the abuse and neglect they had endured; others needed a place to escape from the various challenges they faced.  Some simply needed a place to play… a safe haven where “kids can be kids.”  And… all of them needed a place where they could experience unconditional love.

One of the first kids to come to the ranch was a young girl whose parents struggled with drug addiction.  After witnessing her find confidence, joy and unending passion for riding through the big brown eyes of the our ropin’ pony, King,  the ministry of the Foundation became clear.

The Mica Foundation is committed to providing  hope and possibility to youth and their families through ranch experiences centered around the healing spirit of horses…a safe-haven that creates trusting relationships, positive behavior, and a sense of purpose in a setting of support, encouragement and acceptance.

At The Mica Foundation individuals are paired with a leader for 60 – 90 minute sessions during their time at the stables.  These sessions are completely unique to the needs of the individuals and/or their families and are conducted in a nurturing environment where  their challenges and victories are  supported and encouraged.

The Mica Foundation firmly believes that all God’s creatures have dignity, value, purpose and worth.  That the transformative power of environments which foster tenderness, accountability, self-reliance and discipline can, in fact…change lives.

It is our conviction that through hands-on experiences, individuals will learn the values of life, family, responsibility and faith.

They in turn, remind us of the power of the human spirit and the remarkable wonder of life.

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