The Mica Foundation was launched in 2011 by co-founders Donna Findlay and Diane Koznick.  The two women shared common passions:  a deep affection for both horses and children, a strong Christ-centered faith, a desire to encourage and inspire individuals to be the best they could be, and a calling to “love on horses and humans alike.”

From Heartbreak to Hope

These are just a few of the ways God is working through the Mica Foundation:

A 9 year old child escapes the abuse she endured as the daughter of heroin-addicted, un-married parents and found confidence at the ranch.

A 10 year old girl, nearly paralyzed by fear, has now joined the local 4H equine group and won 4 Blue Ribbons in her first show!  Her courage and confidence is astounding us all …  what a transformation

An 8 year child,  formerly unable to speak above a whisper, is now writing poetry (about horses, of course!) and presenting her works in front of her class as well as our Stables Faith Gatherings.  So cool …..

A  9 year old young man who was the victim of an IED attack in Afghanistan causing him to lose his leg in the blast, always dreamt of “being a Cowboy”. His dream came true when he spent an evening at the ranch riding our trusty old roping horse, King. 

A 7 year old  child  borne with a devastating disease and as a result was told she would never walk or talk,  runs around the Stables with her Levi jeans and white t-shirt …  telling everybody about “her horse,”  Pistol Pete

Help Us Get the Word Out!

Do you know someone who might benefit from the work of the Mica Foundation?  Would you like to support the programs and facility?  We’d love to give you a tour, and answer any questions. And please — join us for one of our monthly faith gatherings! They’re a great way to meet the staff & clients, and learn what God is doing here.

Looking Back – 2012 Highlights

  • 30 children participated in sessions through the Foundation.  Over 1/3 came to the ranch on a weekly basis.
  • Over 300 sessions were held, ranging in activities from groundwork and grooming to trail rides and dressage.
  • Two horses were sponsored through our Sponsorship program.
  • Over $51,000.00 was raised to support our first year in operation.
  • The Stables Faith Gatherings, held monthly, continued to grow with well over 200 people coming to the barn to give thanks and share in worship.
  • 4 horses were donated to the program along with items such as tack, furniture, a 3-horse trailer and other assorted equine-related gear
  • The website was launched through the generosity of 2 talented web and technology volunteers

Looking Ahead to This Season ( and with deep thanks to a special donor who granted the funds to make the following dreams a reality):

  • The round pen is now complete!  This will enable us to better serve so many of our clients, especially  those who are challenged with autism and/or attention disorders.
  • The front gate system is up! Having a safe environment, especially being so close to Hwy 95, is such a blessing.
  • We anticipate beginning the indoor arena viewing area later this summer ~ and this will be a game-changer, especially  for our winter program.  We will now have a handicap-accessible access into the arena and a safe, enclosed and more private area to chat with the families before and after sessions.
  • The Foundation tack room is completed! This makes our program so much more effective. Our saddles and other assorted tack and helmets are stored by youth and adult and/or by horse.

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